Muay Thai = Fighting Trees

Muay Thai is something I’ve always respected, but never really became  interested in enough to learn about. Kind of like my relationship with Marilyn Manson, but that’s for another day (I listend to the first five songs off his new album and thought it was really fucking good–I got a real Daivd Bowie vibe). So anway, when I saw something about Muay Thai on the National Geographic channel I casaully watched it for a bit to see if I could absorb some knowledge. You know, maybe learn how to chop down a banana tree with my bare hands, feet, shins, knees and elbows–who knows?  This clip is kind of like a cliff notes of this one hour documentary and A LOT of really good information is cut out, but it’s going to be on again Wednesday at midnight so set your Tivo or DVRs or whatever and we all can learn how to defend ourselves against those sneaky fucking trees always lurking around in forests.


2 Responses to Muay Thai = Fighting Trees

  1. Anonymous says:

    I watched some of this a while back, and while entertaining and informative for a couple of episodes, a discouraging trend emerges where the episodes begin to lose a lot of focus on the combat art they’re visiting and just start going up to people shouting “hey, show us 1337 moves so I can beat some dude up in an mma match!”. And they usually limit that to 2-3 techniques, and barely scratch the surface on the history of different culture and arts. Kind of like how Mythbusters on Discovery Channel used to be more focused towards showing the scientific aspects and roots of popular myths, then over the years was just all about watching Adam + Jamie fall on their asses and making some huge explosions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    also good on Nat Geo though if they air it again anytime soon is their special on Blackbeard. Watch that if you get the chance.

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