Heavy Metal Monday: 5/25/09 Memorial Day Edish


Long before the napster calamity, the hair cuts that shook the world, and the cinematic debut of band therapy, Metallica was a respected thrash band.  Hard to believe ain’t it?  Just give Kill ‘EM All a listen to if you doubt my words.  In honor of the celebrations, cook-outs, and parades that will be suffocating city streets today, I have chosen a song that will help some remember the battling days of the past.  Watch and raise your drinks to those fallen warriors who died defending your right to rock.

Metallica: One (from the Seattle show in Live Sh*t Binge and Purge)

After the tragic death of bass playing demi-God Cliff Burton, the band was forced to fill his monumentally awesome shoes and did so with Jason Newsted.  Metallica was not the same, but still managed to pump out a couple good songs…that is untill every thing they did turned to shit.  Because of their driving need to be the biggest Homer-sexuals alive, Metallica can forever suck on the unwashed balls of a three toed sloth.  What great music they DID make will never be forgotten, and should still be listened to.  Why not do so on this extra day off, while downing a few 40’s in the back yard while frying up some ground animal muscles.  That’s how I’d be celebrating if I didn’t have to work tonight.  \m/


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