Remake Of The Navigator


In a world where only the coolest of movie studios have taken the best parts of my childhood and run them through the remake meat grinder, one studio has felt like the kindergarten paste eater that dreams of being apart of the “it” crowd.  Well it seems that day has come for the sticky fingered execs at Disney.  Having already ruined the classic Escape to Witch Mountain, Disney has decided to give the shocker to Flight of the Navigator.  From THR:

“Disney is readying another launch of sci-fi adventure movie “Flight of the Navigator.””Brad Copeland is writing the remake, which is being produced by Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.  John Hyde, who executive produced the first one, steps into the same role for the new version.

“Copeland, repped by UTA, wrote “Wild Hogs” for Disney and is writing “Nightcrawlers” at Warners. He cut his teeth in the TV world, where he acted as writer-producer on “Arrested Development” and recently as writer and consulting producer on “My Name is Earl.”

“Disney-based Mandeville is readying the release of “The Proposal,” the Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy opening June 19. The company is behind the Bruce Willis sci-fi action thriller “The Surrogates,” which Disney scheduled for a Sept. 25 release, and is in pre-production on Relativity and Paramount’s “The Fighter,” a boxing pic which will see David O. Russell directing Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.”

Aside from the fact that this is obviously wrong on so many levels, part of me feels that this might not be all that terrible.  Being a huge fan of Arrested Development, I know that Copeland has some writing chops.  It just all boils down to yuppie scum warping the great things I grew up with.  Not having any way of putting a stop to these atrocities makes it even worse, and me all the more nauseous.

As the rain rapidly pelts my air conditioner, the only thing to do at this time is to enjoy the confines of my spacious slumbering quarters and view some childhood faves.  After all, movie magicians can’t change that…..can they?

One Response to Remake Of The Navigator

  1. cindy says:

    So this really has nothing to do with the post other than it may make readers of this disparaging news feel a little better. I friend’s son had to dress up as a character from literature. He wouldn’t let his mom help him, he just kept telling her he had it taken care of. This morning he went to school dressed in his Spiderman costume from Halloween. When the teacher tried to tell him that wasn’t a character from literature, that it was a character from a movie, he proceeded to school her on the history of the comic. He just turned 6 a month ago. They’re coming up smart these days . . .

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