ManOwaR Finds New Way To Be Ridiculous


Well folks, they’ve done it again.  Continuing their recent string of outlandish ideas, once great heavy metal band ManOwaR has found a new way to have their fans shelling out ass loads of cash on usless products.  From Magic Circle Music:

“MANOWAR is currently recording a song from their new album in 15 (and counting…) different languages!! Never before has this been attempted by any heavy metal band!! Stay tuned for video clips of each version as they are recorded with an indepth look at Eric Adams’ odyssey into the world of multi-lingual vocals!”

Being a former super ManOwaR fan, I have made my fair share of dumb purchases (ManOwaR light switch cover, to start).  This is something that I have come to accept, and regret nothing.  It just really gets my nuts in a knot when a band that I use to seriously respect looks at their fans as nothing more than retarded dollar signs.  Too bad they couldn’t put this much effort into their personal lives.  Maybe bass player (and resident band lunatic) Joey DeMaio could finally move out of his mother’s basement.  That’s not a joke.  He still lives in his mother’s basement!

3 Responses to ManOwaR Finds New Way To Be Ridiculous

  1. Eric Adams says:

    dumb ass wo wrote about “ManOwaR Finds New Way To Be Ridiculous”, we’re happy to have you aut of the Manowar’s fan.
    Basement has nothing to do with quality of music and most of all the power that the Manowar lyrics instill to carry on in life which sometimes gets very tough, but by the way, you have not the intelligence to understand such a thing
    stick your head in the WC and lern somethin from the brownies!

  2. bufduh says:

    me fail english? thats un-possible!

  3. gd says:

    Get out of the Man0waR’s fan!
    That’s specially annoying in the summer!

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