Ten Questions With…DJ Dougg Pound


DJ Dougg Pound is the man behind the infectious and chaotic music of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and the maestro of the Poundcast on Adultswim.com (you can check out his infamous sex love tape there). He also writes for the show and has tackled the unforgiving world of stand-up. If you’ve seen Tim and Eric live before, then you’re familiar with Dougg’s top shelf live set complete with double entendres – “My girlfriend broke up with me and took my antique adding machine. What a calculating bitch.” Dougg took some time from creating the music of the future and making love to his dog, Boug, to have a round of 10 Questions with RBM. Check it out after the jump and be sure to hit the sweet sweet linkage that follows.

What was the last book you read?

You notice one of your co-workers stealing from the till. Do you say something to your supervisor?
I wouldn’t want to bother the supervisor so I would put on a ski mask and mug the coworker after hours at knifepoint, then return the stolen amount back into the till. The remaining balance I would of course keep.

What cartoon villain do you relate with the most?
Ren Höek.

If you could pound anyone from history, who would you pick?
The girl in the back with the bangs, I think her name is Liz. (you mean history class, right?)

How is your record collection arranged?
By shape. They’re all circular so it’s pretty easy to organize.

Congratulations! Ben & Jerry’s have decided to name a flavor in your honor. What’s it called again?
Pound of Sausage.

Finish this sentence: “Dougg Pound, Lord of________.”
The Ring Tones?

What slang word or phrase would you like to see have a renaissance?

Swine Flu, hot or not?
In my ‘hood they call it ‘Carnitas Flu’. So, hot I guess.

Finally, a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill. Which one of these characters would you fuck, which would you marry, and which would you kill: R2-D2, The Iron Giant, Data.
“Fuck that.” (ed’s note – “fuck that” is the new “hell yeah.” I think Dougg’s saying he’d fuck them all)

Thanks for your time Dougg! Fuck that!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pound these links:

Myspace (“Where’s My Chippy?” is the jam)

Dougg’s YouTube Channel


IMDB page for someone named “Doug Lussenhop”

Dougg Pound on Twitter

Oh, and Douggpound.com, which has some vintage Dougg


3 Responses to Ten Questions With…DJ Dougg Pound

  1. oRaNgE says:

    That ice cream sounds interesting.
    Fuck that!

  2. guv'nah says:

    the epic poem of 10 questions continues. Dougg’s knock knock jokes rule.

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