Heavy Metal Monday: 5/4/09


Swine Flu, swine flu, swine flu, swine flu.  I am so sick of hearing about that horribly named illness.  Every where you turn people are talking about it, and I’m done.  If there’s any disease that should be spoken of, it’s ANTHRAX.  There was a time, a few years ago actually, when the world was afraid of the super villains in the Middle East going comic book nuts and using ANTHRAX to kill all of America (not to mention their fiendish plot to poison our water supply).  This happened around the same time of the 9-11 tragedy, and right around the stupid point in history when the government felt it proper to ban a list of songs from being played on the radio.  During all of that chaos, the hard thrashing, hard fighting, hard farting metal band ANTHRAX was asked to change their name.  Thank the Gods that didn’t happen.  To show the Swine Flu who’s boss, let’s crank some ANTHRAX until the sheer power blows that pork product all the way back to Mexico!

ANTHRAX Madhouse

Hell yeah!  The last thing we need as a people, is a disease that turns people into hooved, coarse haired, eating machines with curly tails.

When will Madmartigan learn to wear a surgical mask? \m/


2 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: 5/4/09

  1. Dang Oldberg says:

    Excellent choice my friend. I was jammin’ Among The Living last night.

  2. Justin says:

    And now I want to watch Willow.

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