Product of the Week* Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavoring

Hey, Tasty Puff? You guys have some pretty awesome names for the 24 different flavors of tobacco flavoring drops you sell. I’m not sure if these things are a scam or what–you’re website (go to their web site just to make the guy dance, you’ll figure it out) says it can be applied to “legal herbs,” which sounds really lame. If it’s for weed just say so. Wait a minute, you’re list of flavors sums up you’re intentions pretty well:

  • Cotton Mouth Candy
  • Rasta Rootbeer
  • Mr. Bubble
  • Rippin Raspberry
  • Midnight Spice
  • Ghetto Grape “ghetto,” really??
  • Pucked Up Pineapple
  • Opium
  • Mango Tango
  • Blueberry Trail outdoorsy hippie types only. ski patrol member a plus
  • Silly Strawberry cut it the fuck out now you silly prick
  • Chick Magnet Cherry does it really work?
  • Crazy Coconut
  • Spiffy Spearmint
  • Electric Banana too wacky
  • Chronic Hypnotic is snoop inside?
  • California Orange
  • Joosy Froot -2 for spelling
  • Nilly Vanilla -100 for a not so thinly veiled reference to milly vanilli
  • Pimpy Fresh Peach
  • Chumpy Chocolate hosers only (high five DJ Dougg Pound)
  • Convicted Melon you said this was legal, right?

And I can get 6 bottles for only $25 and my package will arrive in just 7-10 business days?!  Wait, what’s that? Oh really? For just $6 shipping my package will leave on THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY and will arrive in 2-4 days?! Shut the fuck up (phone dialing)

*Product of the Week is not officially endorsed by Robot Bites Man Holding Co. or any of its affiliates.

One Response to Product of the Week* Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavoring

  1. the good doctor says:

    should’a called it grape drink.

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