Pour One Out For: WWE’s Test 3/17/75 – 2/13/09


Professional wrestling has gone down the tubes (at least in my opinion) ever since the king of douche bags made an announcement back around ’98 about how the “sport” isn’t real.  From that day forth, every company with the exception of ECW started to slowly snowball into super shit.  As a result, I started to shun the WWF (that’s right..I said it, and will keep saying it because this WWE garbage is lame) and pay more attention to the maniacs of Extreme Championship Wrestling.  In that time, Vince McMahon started to involve himself (and his family) in the story lines of the WWF.  His daughter Stephanie began an on screen relationship with an Andrew “Test” Martin.  He was a big son of a bitch, from what I can remember.  But I also remember wanting to puke over what the WWF had become.  Vince basically ripped off the hard-core theme of ECW, and was trying to be more “edgy”.

Even though I am no longer a huge wrestling fanatic, it still saddens me when I hear news of a wrestler’s death.  “Test” passed away over the week end, making him yet another gladiator to die in that business.  Fox Sports reports that he was found dead in his Tampa Bay apartment, and the police say there were no signs of “foul play”.  You can learn more in their article .

In light of this terrible news, here are a few vids of “Test”:

Yer in Valhalla now brother!\m/


One Response to Pour One Out For: WWE’s Test 3/17/75 – 2/13/09

  1. […] this brash decision.  You see, the end of last few months have been laden with celebrity deaths; TEST of the WWE, Starlog, Dave Arneson, J. G. Ballard, Bea Arthur, Dom DeLuise, David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett, […]

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