Hamburger, cheeseburger, big mac, whopper

This eveing I participated in the inagural outing of the Portsmouth/Dover chapter of the of Royal Hamburger Court (go fuck (and then eat) yourselves PETA). Hamburger. Over the next eight months we will dine at 8 locations, as chosen by members of The Court, in an effort to determine where the best burger in the Portsmouth/Dover region can be found. Cheeseburger. Tonight we ate at the Top of the Chop in Dover where we chowed down on their filet mignon burger. Big Mac. I have to say it was pretty damn good. Whopper.  Our grading criteria is a little more rigid, but I’ve already disclosed too much information to non-members of The Court. Hamburger. My only beef (no pun intended) was that I ordered it medium and there was no pink on the inside, kinda lame. Cheeseburger. I mean, if I want  contract e-coli that’s my concern. Big Mac. Anyway, after three (ish?) Dogfish Head 60 minute IPAs I’m selecting this as our theme song. Whopper


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