Heavy Metal Monday: 5/18/09


Switching shifts with co-workers throws me off kilter.  It messes up my system; my groove, if you will, leaving me disoriented, not to mention a tad goofy.  Because of this event, I have been listening to some very goofy music.  Stuff that one would only allow in their car if they wanted to piss their friends off to no end.  As it turns out, my iPod o’ Plenty is chalk full of such sounds.

While on my drive home today, a lively little tune from once great metal band ManOwaR began to thunder its way throughout my chariot.  That’s when it hit me.   Why not share some memorable hooks, driving bass lines, and silly guitar riffs with my online metal brethren?  Lock up yer daughters, cuz ManOwaR is here to do stuff to ’em!

ManOwaR: Warriors of the World United

Even though I truly lothe what this band has congeeled into, I will forever remember them as they were before the plague of Power Metal mutated their pure sound.  Many a good time was had tooling around in my old tank, windows down (tail gate included) with fist pumping furiously at the false.  Now I just want to run them over.  \m/

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