TGIF Lineup: 1992-1993

February 3, 2009




Aaaaaand at 9:30, Camp Wilder, featuring Hilary Swank and Jared Leto. It lasted 1/2 a season, like Vince Carter’s determination.


TGIF Lineup 1991-92; Baby Talk?

November 17, 2008

Hunched over my desk with my archives spread before me, researching the TGIF lineup for the ’91-’91 television season, I hit a brick wall called “Baby Talk.” The first three shows? Fuggetaboutit: Family Matters, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers; everyone remembers those. But the show in the 9:30 to 10:00 spot was something called Baby Talk? I drew a thick blank on this number. Does anybody remember this show? Here’s the intro and description from IMDB:

A follow-up to the popular “Look Who’s Talking” movie series, this half hour situation-comedy featured the adventures of Baby Mickey (voice supplied by Tony Danza), being raised by Maggie, a single mother starting her life over in the city.

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Second TGIF Lineup, 1989-1990

October 15, 2008

This was my personal favorite lineup. Mainly because Mr. Belvedere isn’t in it.


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Original TGIF Lineup, 1988-1989

September 12, 2008