Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II Clips

November 10, 2008

Some clips have been released from Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II, which will air on November 16th on Cartoon Network. The first episode made me laugh so hard I woke up with well-defined six-pack abs and judging by these clips, an eight-pack is on the way.

More clips after the jump…

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Robot Chicken Star Wars: PART 2!!!!

October 29, 2008

Sunday.  November 16th.  11:30pm.  Prepare to have a lightsaber shoved up your ass.

Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD Review

September 19, 2008

Son of a bitch! I don’t think I laughed that hard since seeing Super Bad for the first time. Seriously, saying my pants were soaked with pee, can’t begin to describe just how fucking hilarious this DVD is.

If you have never seen this episode of Robot Chicken, go to your local Best Buy right fucking now and get it. Go. Right now. Do it. Move your ass. Then when you get home, don’t even bother watching the show first. Head straight for the extra features, for that’s where all the action takes place. Granted, a night of beer drinking and constant Robot Chicken kicks major ass. But I shit you not, when I say I almost died. Read the rest of this entry »

Family Guy and Robot Chicken Star Wars Eps up for Emmys

September 17, 2008

Both Star Wars episodes of Family Guy and Robot Chicken are up for Emmys…

Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour) – Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or more) – Family Guy: Blue Harvest

I know a lot of people disagree, but I thought the Robot Chicken one was a million times funnier. Maybe because I can only watch about three minutes of Family Guy at a time before I go “this really isn’t that funny.” I’m not going to get into it, I’ll save that for a drunken rant someday.

Anywho, congratulations to both shows.