Trailer for “ROBOCOP 2014”: Your Move, Creep.

September 6, 2013


Well I’ll be damned.  They actually went through with it.  They’ve gone and remade yet another movie from our childhood.  I thought this one was just going to be another rumor that would fizzle out.  Nope.  This is for real, folks.  ROBOCOP got remade….and we have the trailer. Read the rest of this entry »

Crazy Crap: 5/6/09

May 6, 2009

Oh Robocop, you wascawy wobot.

Heavy Metal Monday: 2/16/09

February 16, 2009

The parties may be over, but the rock sure ain’t!  Add some Heavy Pettin to that Monday Morning Wood you have, and you’re bound to kick off your week in smooth style.

Heavy Pettin – “Rock Ain’t Dead”

This video just gets more awesome each time I watch it.  With a voice that can shatter skulls, as well as glass, it doesn’t even matter that their music isn’t as heavy as some of the other bands I’ve shoved down your throats.  And if you think this band was bad, you ain’t seen noth’n yet.  I’ve got so much cheezie metal ammo, it’ll make that death scene from Robocop seem soft.

(in case you forgot that scene)