Give Thanks One & All; Police Academy 8

November 28, 2008


Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Yesterday I learned that some people like having mac & cheese with their T’Giving dinner, which I think is insane. (VictorianBlood, you make me sick). I went into a turkey-induced coma while watching The ‘Burbs, which we followed up with the Star Wars Holiday Special, a game of Scene-It Seinfeld, the Christian after-school special Second Glance, and wrapped up the festivities with the last half of Christmas With the Kranks (I may or may not have cried, but who hasn’t cried during a Tim Allen movie?). Anyways, back to it.

Steve Guttenberg told The Sun that an eighth Police Academy movie is being written, and Kim Catrall and Sharon Stone may be suiting up again.

“We are doing a new movie and it is going to be great fun,” he said. “A script is being written and so far it is really great, everyone from the original movies who is still around will return.”

I don’t remember Police Academy 4, 5, and 7. Maybe they left a lot of loose ends in 7 and it’s been driving Guttenberg crazy for 14 years. Guttenberg states that he would love to have ex-Academy members Sharon Stone and Kim Cattrall return for number 8, but they haven’t said yes yet. Maybe because they have successful careers post-Police Academy. And I doubt that the bankroll for a timely eighth Police Academy would be large enough to accomodate Stone and Cattrall. You could cast 11 Guttenburgs for one Stone.

Guttenberg also discusses a third Three Men and a Baby movie, which I would talk about but I’m having a great four-day weekend and don’t want to ruin it. He also comments on his regrets concerning turning down a role in Short Circuit 2:

“I turned down Short Circuit 2 too and I now wish I hadn’t. Sequels are a lot of fun and you get to hang out with all your friends. I wish I hadn’t turned those down.”

Guttenburg said this as he offed his second bottle of Ketel One. “I mean, it’s like, being at a permanent recess with all your friends, and people are filming it. And then everyone goes to see the film and everyone loves you. Everyone…so much fun…God, I’ve made so many mistakes…”