Halloween Throwback 7 — Pete and Pete

October 24, 2008

A week from Halloween, we present a very special Halloween Throwback. And not just because we’re trying to suck up to Toby Huss, but because to kids my age, Pete and Pete was a lot of things. It was funny, surreal, real, tragic, sad, and strange all without missing a beat. Set in Wellsville (actually northern Jersey), this uncategorizable show flipped small-town-life on its ass and kicked its head in. Their Halloween special, “Halloweenie,” aired on October 30, 1994 during its second season.

Big Pete has decided that he’s too old for Halloween, while Little Pete is attempting to break the world record for trick or treating (374 houses in one night). This all leads to a big showdown with the not-gay gang, The Pumpkin Eaters, an anti-Halloween gang led by Big Pete’s biggest rival, “Endless Mike” Helstrom, who are trying to recruit Big Pete to join their number and start smashing pumpkins. The episode, however, was based on a 60 second short, in which The Petes, plus Artie: The Strongest Man in the World (played by sex-icon Toby Huss – Ed.’s note) , take on Hat-Head, a solitary pumpkin smasher whom Big Pete compares to Mussolini and Darth Vader. The short opens with a funeral for Little Pete’s smashed pumpkin, after which, all of the non-evil kids in the neighborhood munch candy corn for energy and “track Hat Head’s trail of destruction all the way to the state line” where they turn their arch-enemy into a jack-o-lantern.

The first third of the episode follows the jump. Because God is such a comedian, the rest of the episode is not on YouTube. But, you can buy the second season of Pete and Pete for dirt cheap here. Spike TV, the channel for REAL men, have another clip from the episode for some reason. Check that here. Then go take a shower, because you just supported Spike TV. Bonus clip after the jump…

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