Song Of The Day: 6/20/2011

June 20, 2011

“Weird Al” Yankovic:  Perform This Way

I’ve always been more of an old-school Al fan.  Even though his recent albums are funny as all hell, I still don’t dig the bands he’s been parodying.  But this new video makes my nostalgic heart feel like it’s stuck in a closet with Vanna White every time I hear this killer new shit from that lanky madman with the curly hair.  He managed to rock my face off and disturb me for life all in the span of 15 seconds.  Well played good sir.   Well played.

The Great Muppet Gang-Bang

October 19, 2010

This picture has little to do with the amazing video I found, actually.  CollegeHumor has this hilarious short poking a little fun at Katy Perry’s recent Sesame Street debacle, and I must say it’s gonna be extremely tough to top.  Read the rest of this entry »