Celebrating 20 Years Of Hillarity, Hair-balls, and Hoek

August 11, 2011

That’s right  folks, it was 20 years ago today that Canadian animator/maniac John Kricfalusi warped the minds of 10-12 year olds across the globe.  Never before had toilet humor and outlandish violence been captured so beautifully as it was with the help of an asthma-hound chihuahua and a semi-retarded cat.  But if it wasn’t for the disturbing nonsensical chaos that Ren & Stimpy provided, I probably wouldn’t be the jolly ole Viking that I am today. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday Throwbacks: PHOTON

May 12, 2011

Remembering things that half the world forgot is one of my many mutant powers (being able to spot a female nipple in one frame of a movie is another one).  Friends contact me at all hours of the night when they get stuck trying to remember something from their child hood, and 90% of the time I have the answer.  It’s that fiendish 10% that gets under my skin.  Every now and then my brain only shows me a few images of things that I should know instantly.  That REEEALLY pisses me off.  But I’m a very patient man.  I know that if I wait long enough (and drink enough booze) the veil will be lifted and the knowledge will be mine.  Today’s “Throwback” took me over 20 damn years, mostly due to a word that will forever haunt me…..PHOTON. Read the rest of this entry »

A History of Gross — Mark Newgarden

October 16, 2008

In 1987, all that mattered in life were cartoons, toys, and whatever my friends thought mattered. Nothing has really changed, I guess, except that bills get in the way of cartoons and toys. Usually what mattered to my friends was getting their hands on media forbidden by parents. (I’m not talking about porn here – seeing a naked girl at that age would have led to an asthma attack for the record books). There were a few reliable ways to acquire the Forbidden Media: save up your lunch money to pay off an older sibling, have a friend with “cooler” parents, or just steal the shit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist school lunch and I had too much Roman Catholic guilt in me to steal. But I did have friends with some pretty cool older brothers (or that were trying to prove how cool they were). And through those channels I got my hands on some trading cards that left a bruise on my brain and that of most kids coming up in the 80s.

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