Pondering The Aftermath of “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3”

June 7, 2013


There are certain movies that one can watch countless times and never get sick of.  Everybody has their list.  I keep mine in a little box next to my bed.  Half the fun of re-watching these movies isn’t just in the recitation of every line.  No, sir.  The bulk of the enjoyment comes when you notice something brand new in a movie you’ve seen more times than your I.Q. score.  This very thing happened to me quite recently. Read the rest of this entry »

Amanda Wyss: Giving Shout-Outs From Beyond The Grave!

January 28, 2010

It was a quiet night in the Wyss household.  Sweet dreams were being had by everyone.  Well, everyone but little Amanda that is.  She stayed up late poking around RBM; leaving horrible comments with bad language and terrible punctuation.  We were left with no choice but to send her to our complaint department…. Read the rest of this entry »

Different Bay To Direct “Nightmare” Re-Make

February 13, 2009


Even though the thought of an Elm Street re-make causes my brain to hemorrhage, knowing that Michael Bay is no longer directing it eases the pooling blood in my skull. /Film discovered that Samuel Bayer will be the conductor of this disaster train, and it still looks like an inevitable derailment is in store. Bayer’s directing “skills” have only been for projects lasting a mighty 2-5 minutes. That’s right. He’s a music video director. The only way he could make Nightmare on Elm Street any better would be if he directed Dokken’s “Dream Warriors”. Then I could at least walk into this atrocity with a mildly open mind.

(just because that video is super sweet)