Meh At The End Of The Street

May 19, 2013


There really isn’t all that much to do when you’re working the graveyard shift.  Reading books and channel surfing tends to play a huge part in the down-time.  But ever since Netflix became available to me, via my phone and other media, I’ve been privy to the seemingly endless supply of mediocre movies they’ve acquired.  Tonight I took the Netflix wheel o’ wonders for a spin and was rewarded with indifference.  Ladies and gentlemen, here are my thoughts on House at the End of the Street. Read the rest of this entry »

Netflix, Now With More Flix

December 30, 2008

netflix-streaming-content-unlimitedGet the lead out, Ping! Oh, Mars needs his copy of Surfer Dude!

The greatest invention since Ben Franklin has stepped their game up. Originally, when your next movie was not available locally, N-Flix shipped it from the next closest center, which is usually out of state. This flub is pretty rare (I’ve had N’Flix for about three years now and it’s only happened twice), but N.Flix cares so much about anti-socials and singles that CEO Reed Hastings will now deliver the movie right to your door! After he watches the movie with you, you can either make out with him during the credits or he’ll throw a brick through the door of your local Blockbuster. Your choice. Not really, but they will help your queue move along:

Now, if your first choice is not available in your local shipping center, we immediately send the next locally available movie in your Queue, and whenever possible, we also send your first choice from another part of the country. (Source)