Heavy Metal Monday: Manowar

March 8, 2011

It’s been really difficult for me to write on RBM in a really long time. I’ve had my head elsewhere because of school and shit- but don’t worry, I’ve still been at the Palladium a ridiculous amount. I’ve recently seen a lot of shows, with a lot of bands that I really care about, but for some reason my heart just wasn’t in it. I was taking these experiences for granted. This changed when I went to my third concert of the week. This show reminded me of my roots, of my upbringing into the brothers of metal. It filled a void in my life that had been growing for six years. The Kings of Metal, Manowar, had finally returned to Massachusetts.

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Heavy Metal Monday: Lordi

January 24, 2011

In sum, you take awesome Finnish metal, splice it with Kiss (and perhaps a bit of the Alice Cooper aesthetic) and you’ve got the band Lordi. You’ve also got zombie cheerleaders being led through the halls of a metalhead’s high school. Good times! How many of you that watched the video wish that had happened to you? I thought so.

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Heavy Metal Monday: Eluveitie

September 27, 2010

All the way from Switzerland, I bring you the folk metal band Eluveitie! With a totally stacked lineup of everything from your usual instruments to the fucking HURDY-GURDY, this Celtic folk metal band can by turns bring you back to your happiest summer days, and tear your face off with the sound of their shredding. Read the rest of this entry »