Muppets + Noir = Happytime Murders

October 15, 2008

When was the last time any of us were excited about a new Jim Henson Co. project? A decade? Well their new project has the word “MURDER” in the title and it’s aimed at adults. And reading about it made a little dribble of pee glee drip down my leg. From /Film:

The Jim Henson Co has begun to develop a puppet film noir detective comedy titled Happytime Murders. If we knew nothing else about this project, I would still spend $10 on a movie ticket. The story follows a puppet detective who is hired to solve a string of murders around a popular children’s television show called the Happytime Gang. The film will be populated with a mixture of human and puppet characters (to clarify, not “muppets”), and will be released under an alternative label “for content created specifically and exclusively for adult audiences.”

In my lifetime, I want to see a puppet/muppet nominated for an Oscar.