Crazy Crap: Peter Griffin Lives!

November 28, 2008


This is just too damn spooky.


Family Guy Takes Carnegie Hall

October 10, 2008

In more weird theater news, two dates have been booked in November at Carnegie Hall for Family Guy Sings!, from Variety:

“Family Guy Sings!,” set for Nov. 24-25, will feature the cast of Fox’s animated hit in a live perf of two uncensored episodes of the show, along with musical numbers from various episodes and bonus material that never made it to the air.

Thesps will be accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra led by “Family Guy” composer Walter Murphy. The perf will also include a preview of “The Cleveland Show,” the spinoff series bound for Fox next year.

Check out how Seth’s tie matches that hooker’s dress! I’m not a huge Family Guy fan – I find strings of non sequiturs to be tedious after awhile – but this tickles me because it means there is some hope of a Futurama stage production. Theater is cool! Right? Did anyone else go see the Masters of the Universe stage production at Radio City Music Hall back in ’87?

Family Guy and Robot Chicken Star Wars Eps up for Emmys

September 17, 2008

Both Star Wars episodes of Family Guy and Robot Chicken are up for Emmys…

Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour) – Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or more) – Family Guy: Blue Harvest

I know a lot of people disagree, but I thought the Robot Chicken one was a million times funnier. Maybe because I can only watch about three minutes of Family Guy at a time before I go “this really isn’t that funny.” I’m not going to get into it, I’ll save that for a drunken rant someday.

Anywho, congratulations to both shows.