Meh At The End Of The Street

May 19, 2013


There really isn’t all that much to do when you’re working the graveyard shift.  Reading books and channel surfing tends to play a huge part in the down-time.  But ever since Netflix became available to me, via my phone and other media, I’ve been privy to the seemingly endless supply of mediocre movies they’ve acquired.  Tonight I took the Netflix wheel o’ wonders for a spin and was rewarded with indifference.  Ladies and gentlemen, here are my thoughts on House at the End of the Street. Read the rest of this entry »

“Further” Adventures in Babysitting

December 6, 2008

I’m a passive dude, but when you mess with mi familia, it’s straight to the mattresses. Adventures in Babysitting is one of my sister’s favorite movies so when I heard Disney is making a sequel (Further Adventures in Babysitting), I knew someone was going to have to pay.

Raven Symone is slated to play the role originally portrayed by Elisabeth Shue in the 1987 classic. Yeah, that Raven Symone. May I quote “Slam” by Onyx? Because “wa-wa-wa-wait it gets worse!” /Film reports that tween idol Miley Cyrus will also star in the sequel (which has a 2010 tentative release date).

I have wicked fond memories of watching this movie with my sister and getting amped up when Thor says “I already have one.” And no joke, me and Iamlunaschlosser were just reminiscing about the fashion show finale last week! Thanks, Disney!