Pondering The Aftermath of “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3”

June 7, 2013


There are certain movies that one can watch countless times and never get sick of.  Everybody has their list.  I keep mine in a little box next to my bed.  Half the fun of re-watching these movies isn’t just in the recitation of every line.  No, sir.  The bulk of the enjoyment comes when you notice something brand new in a movie you’ve seen more times than your I.Q. score.  This very thing happened to me quite recently. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome To RBM, BITCH!

October 20, 2008

Due to a severe face melting on Saturday night, I have fallen a little behind on my horror themed reviews. So to make up for the day that was lost, you get a two-fister review, right in the love pump.

Much like the great Ohmars, I too was mentally ruined by a particular 80’s fright flick. His was Poltergeist, a film that did a raging number on my He-Man sheets as well, but that movie was nothing compared to the terror that still haunts me to this very damn day.

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