Caught In The Middle: An “X-Men:First Class” Review

June 11, 2011

One would assume that since MARVEL now has the power to make their own films they’d be able to make flawless comic book movies.  Not so.  Many would simply forget about the Fantastic Four flub, Ghost Rider‘s gaffe, and Electra‘s err…not me.  A good handful of spot on renditions have come to the screen to prove that it can be done correctly.  It just sucks when someone only goes half way.  I just didn’t think the people behind X-Men:  First Class would be in that category. Read the rest of this entry »

“THOR”: Norse Gods And A Demented Defender

May 7, 2011

I know what you’re thinking.  “This guy has problems.”  Well, if by problems you mean a strong desire to be awesome, then you’re correct.  Not many people have the balls to fully embrace something they love to the extent that I do, and that’s a shame.  Why wouldn’t you want to absorb might, strength, and power into your daily lives?  The Norsemen had the right idea, so grow a pair and live life the Viking way!  MARVEL studios has been doing just that, and THOR is all the proof you need. Read the rest of this entry »

Volstagg: The Not-Quite-Voluminous

March 17, 2011


There is much excitement in the nerd community surrounding the new THOR movie that’s due out soon.  As awesome as the trailer is, a “small” problem has been brought to my attention.  Turns out the portly powerhouse Volstagg has been poorly cast.  I know, I know.  How hard could it be to cast a large and in-charge warrior from the halls of Asgard?  Harder than you’d think, apparently. Read the rest of this entry »

Holy Nerd-Gasm, Batman!

March 16, 2011

This is not the face of a Batman who is a scared of something scary.  No sir!  This is the face of a Batman who just had his Bat-brains blown six ways past Sunday thanks to a video game trailer.  But not just any video game trailer, mind you.  He just finished watching some game-play of the new Arkham City game.  Care to have your face make the same reaction?  Hit the jump and prepare for some sheer kick-assery. Read the rest of this entry »

“X-Men: First Class” Trailer

February 14, 2011

Is it possible that someone has actually made an X-Men movie the right way?  This looks quite good.  But I thought that same thing about the Wolverine film.  Fingers, start your crossing.

He’s Spidey Spidey, And He’s Mighty Mighty!

January 17, 2011

Dear MARVEL:  Over the years you’ve created some rather awesome superheroes with quite rad powers.  However, there’s a rather huge problem that needs a fixin’.  This whole giving a face-lift to movies you’ve already made thing needs to stop.  I’m sure Andrew Garfield will make a great Peter Parker, but it’s going to take a lot for you to usurp Tobey Maguire.  Just sayin’.

“Superman Lives” Suit In Action

December 16, 2010

Hey, Tim Burton.  Can I have some of whatever it was you smoked when you thought this was a good idea?  I have some mistakes that need making and could sure use the help.  Thank you.

Official Trailer For “THOR”

December 14, 2010

Because I’m a nerd, something important in this trailer needs to be pointed out.  Did anyone else see Odin magic Mjolnir away from Thor?  Thor is the only one strong enough to even lift that hammer; it’s a known fact.  What does this mean?  Is this the first of many mistakes that await us in this picture?  I sure hope not.  Although, Volstagg didn’t look all that “Voluminous” to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Crazy Crap: Halloween Edish

October 18, 2010

Don’t even bother showing up at a MARVEL Con/Comic Con costume contest if this dude’s stalking the building.  He won the second he put this suit on.  How in the hell could anybody top this?

E.T. Takes A Peek Behind THOR’s Cape

June 11, 2010

Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Nick Fury, and a dvd sighting of Captain America.  The gathering of AVENGERS is drawing near, not to mention rapidly.  Up next on the roster is none other than the Lord of Lightning; a.k.a. the Prince of Pain; a.k.a. the Master of Mjollnir; a.k.a. the Sultan of Sif.  Give up?  IT’S THOR, YOU DUMMIES!!! The picture should have given it away. Read the rest of this entry »

RBM Spots A Thunder God

May 3, 2010

Knowing that there’s a shit ton of celebs jumping on board for the film adaptation of MARVEL‘s THOR, I’ve been severely worried about how the mighty Norse god was going to look.  I half expected Hollywood to place Mjalnir in the hands of someone like Zac Efron.  But if Anthony “Odin” Hopkins is totally down with the new Captain Kirk filling his son’s boots, I am too.

Larz’ Comic Book Pick: December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008


By RBM Man About Comics, Larz:

BLACK TERROR™ #2   $3.50

Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (Plot) Jim Krueger (W) Mike Lilly (A)
Covers: Alex Ross, Mike Lilly, George Tuska

More recently than ever, I’ve heard customers complaining about the rising cost of comic books. It seems to be something that goes with the times. Years ago, you used to be able to go to the newsstand and by every comic on the stands for only a few bucks and you’d still have money left in your pocket…or so I’m told. I haven’t really seem a problem with the rising cost of comics.Yes, they do cost more than they did a few years ago and it seems that more and more comics are being released with a $3.99 price tag. But look what you’re getting in return.

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Larz’s Comic Pick of the Week: December 10, 2009

December 8, 2008

Written: Kevin Grevioux
Pencils: Geraldo Borges
Cover: Paul Ballard

Anybody that knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of Zombies. I mean come on…who isn’t? Movies, video games and awesome comic titles like the Walking Dead seem to be all over the place these days. Zombies are the new vampire! Up Yours Tom Cruise! Wading through the hoards of zombie fiction can be tough, since it infects every facet of the media out there today-pun intended, but, this one is actually a true gem. By the way, if you haven’t read Walking Dead you must be living under a rock in some country I can’t spell. Anyway…

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Larz’ Comic Book Pick: December 4, 2008

December 2, 2008


By Larz:

HELLBOY WILD HUNT #1 of 8  $2.99

Artist: Duncan Fegredo

Author: Mike Mignola (and Cover Artist)

Dark Horse Comics

On Sale: December 4th, 2008

(Editor’s Note: What a coincidence, this is our 666th post).

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Larz’ Comic Book Pick: November 26, 2008

November 25, 2008


By Larz

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 (of 6)

Writer: Gerard Way

Artist: Gabriel Ba

Cover Artist: Gabriel Ba with variant cover by Jim Lee!

I’ve been working in a comic shop for more than six years now. In that time I’ve seen trends come and people’s interest in certain comic titles wax and wane. In the past two years, three comic events have brought people who don’t normally read comics into stores.

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Larz’ Comic Book Pick: November 19, 2008

November 18, 2008


By Larz

Fan favorite superhero Spider-Man cracks jokes when fighting villains or in uncomfortable situations as his method of easing tension or trying to defuse a situation. Deadpool, another masked nut, doesn’t stop talking…at all…even to himself…out loud. The “Merc With the Mouth” returns with issue #4 in “Say ‘Hi” to the Bad Guy,” Part 1 (OF 2).

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