“Totally for Teens” & Superior “Office” Coming to Adult Swim

April 30, 2009

As Adult Swim expands its live action lineup, they’ve announced the addition of Totally for Teens. The show is a collaboration between former Daily Show producer Ari Fishman, Wonder Showzen‘s Vernon Chatman, and Derrick Beckles of television’s “Truth” campaign and the man behind the cult TV Carnage DVDs.

In a recent interview with TV Barn, Cartoon Network founder Mike Lazzo discussed their acquisition of the rights to the original, superior Office:

“That’s a done deal. It’s happening. …The only thing I don’t know is when to put it on.”

This rules. I’ve seen plenty of the American Office but I’ll fight anyone who thinks it’s better than the British original. To the death.


Robot Chicken Star Wars: PART 2!!!!

October 29, 2008

Sunday.  November 16th.  11:30pm.  Prepare to have a lightsaber shoved up your ass.

Cartoon Network — You Done Done It

September 10, 2008

Cartoon Network released this trailer for the upcoming Clone Wars television show (Oct. 3). Now, maybe it’s just clever editing over at Turner, maybe it’s the use of John William’s original music, maybe it’s the lack of that metro-sexual Hut Ziro, but fuck, this actually looks borderline decent. Left me feeling good enough that I may actually tune in.