Crazy Crap: 11/4/09

November 4, 2009


I need to find this club, like now.  I can’t think of a better crowd to party with than icons from the ’80s.


Thursday Throwbacks: 2/26/09

February 26, 2009


While driving home from work, sounds of the bitch’n hard rock group The Donnas pounding through the air, and traffic sucking the life clean out of me, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if my vehicle had the ability to turn into something that could fly.  That in mind, I started to remember the sweet show where just about every damn car, truck, and motorcycle did just that.  Read the rest of this entry »

New “G.I.Joe” Posters Look Like High School Metal Shop Photo Shoot

February 9, 2009


Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday Throwbacks: 2/5/09

February 5, 2009


It’s cold today.  Super cold.  Like, call out of work and stay home and watch 80’s cartoons all day cold.  I bring to you a forgotten hit that, much like Starcom, the toys out-shined the show.  Telling you the premmise of this righteous animation of awesomeness it pointless.  If you pay attention to the intro, you’ll get the complete rundown.  So hold onto your sphincters, squeeze the hell out of your My Pet Monster, and get ready to be rocked by Jace and the Wheeled Warriors: Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday Throwbacks: 1/29/09

January 29, 2009


Being a child that was hatched at the dawn of the 80’s, I was privy to many a great shows in my time. Many of these shows have been either forgotten, tossed aside, or slipped so far under the radar that only a geek of my caliber would’ve watched them. Today I bring one of such shows to you. So pull on your Wuzzles slippers, dawn your He-Man pj’s, and pour yourself a bowl of Ghostbuster’s cereal, cuz here comes the Tigersharks! Read the rest of this entry »

Cartoon Endings

September 2, 2008

Who doesn’t hang out with their palls on the weekend, toss back a few cold ones, then jump on YouTube to track down some old cartoon intros?  I just stumbled across a few endings.

Blastie from the pastie

August 28, 2008

Lord Ohmars recently posted some video with an epic amount of ’80’s cartoon intros.  Well here’s one that was forgotten, but sure as shit, not by me.

By the Gods, our generation had the best cartoons of all time!