Starbuck With Starbuck At Starbucks

February 9, 2011

This photo just made my day.  But since my day is just ending, I should seriously consider looking at this the very second I wake up.


Chuck Norris: Texas Ranger (FOR REAL!)

December 3, 2010

They eyes of The Ranger are upon you.  Any wrong you do he’s gonna see.  When you’re in Texas, look behind you.  Cuz that’s where The Ranger’s gonna be…ready to roundhouse-kick your head right the fuck off!  That’s right, ladies and germs, Chuck Norris has become an honorary Texas Ranger!

Hey bad guys, rapists, kidnappers, and drug lords….here’s just a taste of what’s in store for you: Read the rest of this entry »

Pour One Out For: Leslie Nielsen 2/11/1926 – 11/28/2010

November 29, 2010

“I know this little, out of the way place, that serves great Viking food.”

I know what you’re thinking:  “Surely you can’t be serious”.  I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley.  Leslie Nielsen, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest funnyman of all time, passed away yesterday in his sleep due to pneumonia complications.  Boy, I sure picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Bites: Cary Elwes

October 26, 2010

Today the great Cary Elwes turns a whopping 48 years old.  We should all pitch in and get this dude a gift.  I suggest either a rope, a new foot, or a better agent.  The poor guy hasn’t been in anything half decent since the first SAW movie, with the exception of random tv cameos and voice-overs.  Sure it’s work, but The Dread Pirate Roberts is capable of so much more.  He’d be perfect for the roll of Fandral in the new THOR movie. Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Bites: Katy Perry

October 25, 2010

Even though she recently wed a complete tool, we at RBM still wish Katy the bestest of birthdays.  She’s come a long way in her relatively short career; sexy outfits in tow.  Read the rest of this entry »

Katy Perry Got Banned From Sesame Street?

September 23, 2010

What possible reason could the folks at Sesame Street have for giving Katy Perry the boot?  Boobs.  Count ’em.  One, two, TWO BEAUTIFUL BOOBS!! AH AH AH!!  It seems parents felt the singers tig-ole-bitties were too much of a focal point in her cleaned up version of Hot N’ Cold that she sings with Elmo for the show’s 41st season.  TMZ has more info, however you should watch the video here.  Check it out: Read the rest of this entry »

A “Gaga” Of A Dress

September 13, 2010

Oh Lady Gaga, just when I think you couldn’t be any more awesome you go and pull something like this.  Normal people would be repulsed by a full on meat ensemble,  but not this guy.  Cher should thank you for making her hold your meat-purse.