Celebrating 20 Years Of Hillarity, Hair-balls, and Hoek

That’s right  folks, it was 20 years ago today that Canadian animator/maniac John Kricfalusi warped the minds of 10-12 year olds across the globe.  Never before had toilet humor and outlandish violence been captured so beautifully as it was with the help of an asthma-hound chihuahua and a semi-retarded cat.  But if it wasn’t for the disturbing nonsensical chaos that Ren & Stimpy provided, I probably wouldn’t be the jolly ole Viking that I am today.

If you haven’t a clue as to who or what I’m talking about then you’re either too young to understand life or are too old to remember living.  Ren & Stimpy followed the adventures of Ren Hoek (a chronically pissed off asthma-hound chihuahua) and Stimpson J. Cat (a highly stupid feline).  Trying to explain the sheer zanyness of these two iconic characters is near impossible to sum up in just a few mere sentences, so here are a few episodes of the glory that is Ren & Stimpy.  Sadly, the censors had dumb issues with the show’s better episodes so they got cut apart in later airings.  Thankfully I was able to watch them when they originally aired and have a mutant ability to remember awesome things.

Haunted House:

(censored “bloody head fairy” scene)

The Big Baby Scam:

(censored bathtub scene)

Dog Show:

Sven Hoek:

Monkey See Monkey Don’t:

Ren’s Toothache:

Commercials were  also a big part of the Ren & Stimpy show, though some of the products you probably wouldn’t want to buy.

Time to learn stuff with some Ask  Dr. Stupid:

We at RBM would like to thank John K, Bob Camp, and Billy West for breathing life into the epitome of disturbing cartoons.  Your highly detailed stills, product parodies, and fart jokes helped to mold the man that the people in the real world get to hang out and “cartoon quote”.  This one’s for you!


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