Heavy Metal Monday: DIO

It’s hard to believe that the world has gone a full year without Ronnie James Dio in it.

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to write a bit about his history. I’d like to think that anyone who reads our blog doesn’t need it. But what the hell, a reminder of Ronnie James Dio’s greatness never hurt anything.

Ronnie James Dio has been the frontman for Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell, and about a half-dozen other bands in a career that spanned five decades. He received many awards for his talent, including Best Metal Singer at Revolver’s Golden Gods awards on April 9, 2010. Revolver’s Golden Gods has re-named their Lifetime Achievement Award to the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement award, which is given to someone who embodies all that is metal. This award has been given to Ozzy (2009), Lemmy(2010), and Mötley Crüe(2011). Ronnie James Dio died of cancer on May 16th, 2010. Over 1,500 people attended his public funeral in L.A.

Now, that’s all the history class crap. But what you get when you ask what any Dio fan what they want you to remember most about Ronnie: he cared about them. He had such a welcoming personality to all his fans, no matter where they met. Ronnie James Dio was the kind of rockstar that all fans wish their idols were.

“It wasn’t just his mighty pipes that made him Ronnie James Dio — it was his moral fervor…what always stood out was Dio’s raging compassion for the lost rock & roll children in his audience. Dio never pretended to be one of the kids — he sang as an adult assuring us that we weren’t alone in our suffering, and some day we might even be proud of conquering it” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“The best subjects are always people, who never fail to amaze me by their unpredictability.”  – Ronnie James Dio

Please visit http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/ and make a donation to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund. You’ll find a link to the donation page on the bottom left.

It’s been a year without you, Ronnie, but through your music, you’re never too far.


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  1. Dang says:

    Nice tribute dude.

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