Pour One Out For: Scott Columbus

According to Ross “The Boss” Friedman as well as Scott’s girlfriend of over three years, Scott Columbus died yesterday, April 4th, at the age of 54.

The world learned of his death via posts on his Facebook page first from Ross “The Boss” and later from his girlfriend Nancy. Manowar or Magic Circle has yet to issue a statement, and there are no details yet about his passing.

Scott Columbus was one of the most unique drummers around for several reasons. First, he was the drummer for fucking MANOWAR. Don’t tell me that gig doesn’t mean a lot. Second, he was left-handed, putting him in good company with Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Phil Collins. Third, this man plays the drums hard. Really hard. So hard in fact, that he got fed up with having to replace his standard kits and started using instead the “Drums of Doom”- a kit made of stainless steel.

There aren’t a handful more musicians in this world that I can think of whose death would make me more devastated than Scott Columbus. I would love nothing more than to wake up later today and see that I’m wrong. But until that happens, Manowar fans, Scott Columbus fans, Heavy Metal brothers and sisters around the world, today we are brought together through this tragedy. Be excellent to each other.

Extra Credit: A song from the first album Scott Columbus made with Manowar, Into Glory Ride:

You can find the news piece Blabbermouth ran at this link.

Supplemental By: Defender669

I’ve been a fan of ManOwaR for a good 15 years now, and in that time a lot of epic things have happened (not all of them good).  Everything from seeing them play at a bar in Haverhill, MA (that’s right, a FUCKING BAR!), to handing Eric Adams my leather jacket during a show at the Palladium only to have him show the entire crowd, as well as the more recent bullshit that’s happened has been one wild fucking ride.  But getting out of work to find out that Scott Columbus has died….that just plain FUCKING SUCKS!!!! I feel like I just took a crowbar to the chest.  He was one of the most down to Earth musicians I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, and it pains me greatly to know that I’ll never get to see him beat the living piss out of “The Drums of Doom” ever again.  That honor now belongs to the Asgardians.

I was lucky to speak with Scott Columbus (ever so briefly) back in ’05 when ManOwaR played The House of Blues in New York.  Granted, I could hardly speak.  But somehow I mustered up the courage to show him my “Sign of the Hammer” tattoo.  He said it looked awesome, then he nearly shit when I told him I’d had the thing for over a year.  “That thing looks fresh, man!”.  Words I’ll never forget.

Frontroe may have given you guys some extra credit, but I think a bit more is in order:

We at RBM would like to wish Scott’s family the best in this severely hard time.  He will be greatly missed.  \m/


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