“Wake And Bake” With NIKI & SARAH

Find it hard facing Fridays?  Despite the glorious weekend that awaits, does your body simply not want to climb out of bed?  Fear not, my little snow-flakes.  Just toss back an ear-full of Niki & Sarah’s Early Show (via Unregular Radio) while you chisel those eye-boogers away.  They’re just the thing you need to help you power through your morning routine while your brain is picturing the many ways you’ll be destroying it over the weekend.

Chalk full of interviews, local music, and comedy stuffs, Niki & Sarah deliver the kind of radio you can only get online (mostly cuz of the swear-words and poo jokes).  For those unfamiliar with what UnRegular Radio is, here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

Q. What is UNregular Radio?

A. UNregular Radio is a 24/7 online stream of everything regular Boston radio does not have to offer, without the wagging finger of corporate or big brother. This is radio unleashed, radio that is rough around the edges.
Q. Where does UNregular Radio broadcast from?

A. UNregular Radio broadcasts from Downtown Boston.
Q. Is UNregular Radio available on terrestrial radio?

A. UNregular Radio can be heard through Shoutcast on your Mac Windows or Linux/Unix computer, various wifi internet radio receivers, and on your iPhone Blackberry Android Palm or other “Smartphone” devices. Internet Radio is also making its way into vehicles with Blaupunkt leading the way. Look for Internet radio in new cars starting with 2011 models.
Q. What makes you different than other Internet Radio stations?

A. UNregular Radio is based in Boston and has a New England feel to it. Our programming is geared towards our Boston local audience. We have a huge library of local music that is played daily and featured on shows. In addition, we showcase local musicians, comedians and performers providing an outlet unseen in regular radio. Through this we offer our listeners a venue to connect with their favorite local bands and performers.
Q. Are your shows live or recorded?

A. Shows on UNregular Radio are broadcast live. We also replay current episodes of popular shows and many of our DJs podcast their performance in mp3 form.
Q. Can I call in to the live shows?

A. Yes, Call 617 606 4122 when we are live.
Q. Can I make requests?

A. Due to DMCA rules we are allowed to take requests but you must wait at least 1 hour to hear it. If you do not hear your song right away, that is why.
Q. What is the quality of the stream?

A. UNregular Radio Broadcasts a 128k mp3 stream.”
Here’s some of the silliness that goes down when these maniacs get their hands on some microphones and or video cameras:
Be sure to tune in from 6:30 -8:30 tomorrow morning.  If you don’t, Niki & Sarah will come to your house for a “special” broadcast.  By special, I mean they will set up their equipment in your bathroom while you shower.

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