Mortal Kombat Mania: Part I

As you all know, I am quite the fan of the Mortal Kombat series.  As the excitement grows for the encroaching release of the game and the new web series directed by Kevin Tancharoen, I find myself with little else on my mind!  In fact, I stayed up till 4am last night playing the newly released demo on the PSN with my room mates who have also been obsessed with the MK series for over a decade.  The verdict?  The only thing that would be more epic than the new Mortal Kombat game would be a viking brandishing a shotgun riding a flying unicorn through space that also craps rainbows (see example below by Sir Mitchell).


The wait for this game has been so long that waiting 1 more month feels like torture, especially since the 1-player demo only allows you to play a selection of 4 characters and fight against the same 4 before it goes into a blood-tastic trailer.  I’ve played through it several times, as have my roomies, and it was certainly enough to get our blood pumping, so we had to switch to the PSN download version of the Mortal Kombat 2.

The demo did not disappoint, though.  The graphics and smooth controls are exactly as promised.  As I mentioned in a previous RBM post entitled “Flawless Victory”, the Warner Bro’s team added something called X-Ray, which can be achieved after a number of combo points and then activated by holding down the 2 trigger buttons.  The result is exactly what I, and many other fans had been anticipating for about a year, now.

It turns out that the game is not the only Mortal Kombat treat we have to look forward to in April.  It was brought to my attention months ago that there would be a web series around the same time as the new games release.  To be honest, I kind of brushed the idea aside because I have seen the crap-tabulous MK movies of the past, and I was kind of expecting something equally campy, but when I found out about actress Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager) would be playing Sonya Blade and that the show will also include Jai White (The Dark Night) as Jax. I was intrigued to the point that I began research on the series which is to begin April 19th.  In my exploration, I discovered this trailer which only further peaked my interest in the show. (Note:  This trailer is not for those with a weak stomach… but then again, neither is the entirety of the MK series… so proceed.)

That’s an awful lot of epic-ness to look forward to in April (not to mention my birthday is at the end of the month, too.)  So, go and make your reservation at GameStop for the new game… and make sure you get the Kollector’s Edition.  Be a man and pay the extra money, I promise it will be worth it… the book ends are pretty much amazing in the same way as the viking/unicorn/rainbow scenario.

What the hell are you waiting for?  Download the demo on the Playstation Network!  I will continue my MK posts as the game releases and the web series launches!  April is bound to be a month to remember in 2011!


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