Pour One Out For: Charles Sellier Jr.

Most of the dudes and dudettes of my generation have probably never heard the name Charles Sellier Jr.  Those who have, they know that he was the creator of the early 70’s character Grizzly Adams both in books and for the small screen.  Fans of 80’s horror films know him best as the director of the most controversial holiday slasher film to date, Silent Night Deadly Night.  Me being a huge horror fan, it was a real bummer when I hit up DreadCentral.com this morning and found out that Sallier passed away this past Monday.

From DreadCentral:

On Monday, the director of 1984 slasher phenomenon Silent Night, Deadly Night, Charles Sellier Jr. was found dead in his home near Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Sources close to Sellier declined to specify the cause of death. He was 67.

We in the RBM horror division would like to send our deepest condolences to the Sellier family.  Silent Night Deadly Night has become an annual event during the Christmas season, and we have Charles to thank.  It’s not every director that can disgust Siskel & Ebert:

(the audio sucks on this one, so crank that sucker)


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