Heavy Metal Monday: Type-O Negative

About two weeks ago I was sitting with one of my clients at the hospital.  He was back to his normal self, but wouldn’t stop making the loud noises he likes to make.  So, in an effort to calm my brain, I strapped on my headphones and cranked the Type-O Negative (a gothic/doom/thrash/heavy metal band from Brooklyn). 

I had never actually sat down and listened to one of their albums straight through before that night, mostly because people kept telling me to.  Once a person hounds me to watch/listen/read something, I instantly don’t want any part of the material.  Three songs deep into the Bloody Kisses album and my mind was serene, the repetitive droning from my client’s mouth had been silenced by more relaxing droning, and I was on the verge of passing out.  Another great band had found its way into my heart.

Fast forward to this morning.  My drive home consisted of many playings of Christian Woman and Wolf Moon.  I can’t stop listening to them!  To change things up a little, and to attempt a slight purging of these two songs from my head, I’ve picked a song off the October Rust album.  Enjoy.

Type O Negative: Love You To Death

Of course I had to be one of those guys who gets into a band not long after their lead singer dies, so I’ll never have the opportunity to catch a live show (something that I’ve been told is epic).  I’m a little mad with myself, but at the same time I’m glad that I’m staying true to how I enjoy living my life.  Perhaps I’ll start being a little more open minded when it comes to new things, but only time will tell.  At least there are 5 other Type O albums I haven’t heard yet.  If they blow my hair back as far as Bloody Kisses and October Rust did, I’ll be one happy Viking.


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