Heavy Metal Monday: Lordi

In sum, you take awesome Finnish metal, splice it with Kiss (and perhaps a bit of the Alice Cooper aesthetic) and you’ve got the band Lordi. You’ve also got zombie cheerleaders being led through the halls of a metalhead’s high school. Good times! How many of you that watched the video wish that had happened to you? I thought so.

Created by the busy Mr. Lordi, the band has put out five studio albums and 10 music videos in 8 years, gone Platinum three times in Finland (with other certifications in various countries), and won Eurovision in 2006. On top of this Mr. Lordi busies himself with writing comics and a couple films, both of which Lordi are featured in.

Straight-forward, slightly cheesy, very heavy, pretty speedy. These are a few of my favorite things, and Lordi has them. Enjoy! And don’t think too hard.

Extra credit:



P. S. It is a personal feeling of mine that when a band creates such a fully fleshed-out image and diligently works to keep it that way, to try to pick it apart by showing unmasked photos it is douchebaggeryto the nth degree. This goes for any band, whether I like their music or not. I, in my optimism, would like to believe that our genre is not infected with celebrity-itis, and generally doesn’t want to intrude into the lives of those that have given us so much. I would encourage any true metal head to avoid these images of Lordi and others.


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