Heavy Metal Monday: Adam Bomb

Starting a band isn’t about who you are, it’s about who you know.  If you’re lucky enough to have Guns N’ Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin as a room mate, and happen to sing/play guitar, the odds of you getting a gig somewhere are rather high.  Today’s selection, Adam Bomb (that’s the name Stradlin told him to use), was one of those lucky dudes.

At 16 this bozo was in a tribute band with Queensryche‘s Geoff Tate, tried out for KISS (but failed) at 18, then spent the rest of his career either doing solo stuff, or playing the role of “Captain Fill-In” for numerous bands from the 80’s.

Adam Bomb: I Want My Heavy Metal

Adam still tours Europe with his band, but who really cares?  This dude is funny to watch on Youtube and that’s about it.  The only way you’d catch me at one of his shows would be one of three ways:

1)  He happened to be opening for a severely kick ass band.

2)  You paid me double the ticket cost.

3)  I was drunk off my ass and was told I was going to see W.A.S.P..

For all I know this dude can shred like no one’s business.  Until I see footage of such a feat, my mind is set.  Besides, any time I say the name “Adam Bomb“, my brain sends me this picture:

Now THAT‘s Adam Bomb!


13 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: Adam Bomb

  1. dang oldberg says:


  2. adam bomb says:

    You kinda got it wrong dude. Jeff Isabelle didn’t name me. Pretty insulting. But whatever, I am sure you are a very succesful person that feels better by insulting others.

    Here’s a video of me shredding Wednesday night in Spain and here’s a recent video from Budapest. Sorry you think I am such a dick that you would insult me publicly on the internet even though we have never met.


  3. claudia korte says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you? You might not like the music of Adam, but that’s not a reason to shread someones music. You wanna be a review writer or music critic???? Sorry, man but you suck with that. Have a good one.

  4. claudia korte says:

    Oh, by the way, before I forget. Reviews base on a whole bunch of fucking LIES are not worth a shit anyways.

  5. carlton jonesx says:

    For a person giving a review on a artist you do a shitty job, your review sounds personal with bit of jealousy. No where in your review do you mention his ability or lack of ability to play. All I got from you is either lucky guy or that he knows the right people.

  6. Shuff says:

    You’re totally missing the point dude, Adam Bomb is the real deal, he probably plays more gigs a year than you have hot meals!! Personally I think auditioning for Kiss at 18 years old is cool as fuck. How many of your favourite bands did you audition for aged 18?

    And he sure can shred like no one’s business, maybe you should actually see him before commenting about him?

  7. rossi says:

    seen many bands then or do you prefer gay wrestlers ?

  8. defender669 says:

    look, i just saw a video that i thought was funny and decided to joke about it. i didn’t realize my ridiculous opinions were going to upset the entire world. if the cynical views of an online blogger mean so much, buy me a ticket and change my mind. until then, lighten up. life’s too short.

  9. Emma says:

    Man, you need to realise that Adam Bomb fans are very loyal & THE BEST. Don’t you dare say such things about Adam. He is a musical genius & one of the nicest guys i have ever met! He doesn’t deserve this bullshit being said about him.

    P.s. Buy your own fucking ticket & you’ll see how amazing this guy is! Get your facts correct in future.

    • Lukevore says:

      Emma, Let’s first do a quick backtrack. For you see one of you other douchers said Defender had less hot meals than “Adam Bomb” played shows…Now if this is the case, then wouldn’t he have no money for a ticket? SO. I feel. Out of a common courtesy you all should get him a ticket so we can all enjoy Paul Gilbert!

  10. Lukevore says:

    Guitarmaggedon is almost as bad as Guitarmy!!! ALL HAIL MAMMOTH!

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