Heavy Metal Monday: Turisas

It’s Tuesday you say? No it’s not, I haven’t gone to sleep. It’s solely by the power in this band that I am still cognizant. Inspired by their tour announcement I have decided to listen to Turisas nonstop, leaving only one question: great decision or GREATEST decision?

Turisas, the Finnish Battle Metal group, are coming to the States in February/March (opening for Cradle of Filth, of whom I will withhold stating my opinion here because my mother raised me right). Do yourself a favor right now. Watch some of their live videos on Youtube. Buy your tickets. Be completely satisfied with life.


I am not nearly articulate enough at 27:00 hours on a Monday to explain why people are drawn to Turisas. I’m going to let the band’s front man take it away:

“This comes from somewhere deep inside,” is the only way founder and chieftain songwriter Mathias ‘Warlord’ Nygård can describe both his music and the inspiration behind it. “We play around with history, there’s fantasy imagery there, but I hate fantasy metal with all those dragons or whatever. There’s no substance there. We actually believe in what we’re doing.” (http://www.facebook.com/turisas)

And as you can see from that video, many other people believe in what they’re doing.  As do I. For those sick of the fantastical, wishing for something with more purpose in it, you will find it here. This is what draws me to Turisas. Words and music have so much more power in them when they are derived from reason instead of the chimerical. I sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Extra Credit:  Because if a band takes themselves too seriously, fuck them.


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