Christmas Throwbacks (Episode V): Eternia Strikes Back

Tonight’s the night we all get super tanked and pass out early so that Santa can deliver his presents.  But before he makes his way to Earth, he needs to make a pit stop at a planet similar to ours.  A great evil named Horde Prime has learned of the Spirit of Christmas, fearing that it just might be the only thing powerful enough to stop him.  Guys like that make me want to kick them in the jingle balls.

Aside from all the evil that being stirred up, young Miguel and Alisha have gotten lost while looking for the perfect Christmas tree.  As if they weren’t scared enough, a space ship has crashed near them.  Lucky for them it was “piloted” by the bumbling wizard Orko.  See, while Miguel and Alisha were wandering away from their parents on Earth, Orko was hiding inside the cockpit of Man-At-Arms’ new space shuttle “The Sky Spy” on the planet Eternia.  Because Orko can’t help but touch shiny buttons, the Sky Spy blasts off.

Needless to say, the two kids end up on Eternia, they rock out with Queen Marlena (who is also an Earthican) and the other Masters, get kidnapped by Hordak, then get kidnapped by Skeletor, they teach him about Christmas, Skeletor gets all gay and starts loving Christmas, then he saves them from Horde Prime’s attempted assault.  If you don’t belive me, you can just watch the entire He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special to see if I lied.


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