Christmas Throwbacks (Episode III): Revenge Of The Melmacian

His name is Shumway.  Gordon Shumway.  He is a refugee from the terrible explosion of planet Melmac (a quaint little rock, once located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster).  Many of his customs are strange to us, like Fappiano and National Rag On The Martians day.  Christmas is one of ours that he can’t quite grasp.

In the Second Season of the 1980’s hit sitcom ALF, Christmas time has come and the Tanner family has embarked on their vacation in the woods.  ALF goes with them to enjoy his first Earthican Christmas in a cabin, but ends up as a gift for a sick girl in the hospital.  While there, ALF learns the true meaning of the holiday.

ALF’s Special Christmas

Until recently, I hadn’t watched this holiday special in many years.  Strange how I never realized how incredibly sad it is.  Why couldn’t they show us the types of holidays they celebrated on Melmac?  An episode like that would have had me laughing for years.


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