Christmas Throwbacks (Episode I): The Roseanne Years

Everyone knows that it’s not the house with the most expensive decorations that makes the holiday season memorable, it’s the tackiest.  Nobody wants to see a mansion engulfed in nothing but white “icicle” lights, 50 foot white tree in the “family room” that no one is allowed to sit in, family from across the country laughing and cavorting, with the kitchen staff of 30 readying the annual holiday fish with all the trimmings.  That’s not what Christmas is all about.  Christmas should be about stringing up empty beer cans, waiting until Christmas Eve to steal a 6 foot/half dead tree from the “closed ’till next year” lot down the street, all while mom and her sisters argue about how to ready a fat 45 pound turkey for it’s date with the oven.  Ah, memories.

When it comes to true Christmas goings on, mine is not the only family that enjoys the yearly family quarrel.  The Conners were the tv family that I could relate to, mostly because of how much my mom reminds me of Roseanne.  In this episode from Season 6, Dan and Roseanne receive a letter from The Neighborhood Association limiting how decorated houses can be (so naturally they go for the world record), Becky number 2 gives Mark the college money meant for her and gets a job at “BUNZ” (the Lanford version of Hooters), Plus DJ finds out that David is living with Darlene in Chicago.

Man.  Just like Christmas with my family.


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