“TRON LEGACY”: Keeping 1982 Alive

Thursday nights are usually nothing special.  I go through my normal routine of wake, whack, and wash, then proceed to loaf around until the working hour arrives.  Not this Thursday.  Some good friends came over for a viewing of the 1982 classic TRON, in preparation for the world premier of the much anticipated sequel TRON: LEGACY.  How did you spend YOUR Thursday?  Drinking with hot college girls?  HA!  What’s that?  You did, huh?  Damn.  Well I’m not here to talk about your night.  My job is to tell the world about my experience watching TRON: LEGACY at 12:05 am on a school night.

At first I was super pumped to get to the theater, mostly because of the fresh images of the original film still flashing in my mind.  But once I got to my seat, I noticed a problem.  The severe lack of nerdery.  Aside from my friends, the only other people that looked like they were into TRON at all were the behemoth sitting in front of me (why that always happens to me, I’ll never know), the one dude who complimented my TRON shirt, and the overly enthusiastic usher.  A very disappointing turn-out if you ask me.  However the plethora of thugs, ya-dudes, and hoochies severely took me by surprise.

The movie started off immediately with technical problems.  For a reason that I can only assume spawned from computer errors, the “here’s stuff to entertain you until your movie starts” screen overlapped the iMAX previews.  I say this because any human being with even moderate intelligence could have gotten that right on the first try.  Then again, maybe not.  You see after the trailers ended, the guy whose only job in the theater is to dim the lights failed do perform his sole duty.  Throughout the entire film, a most annoying glare refracted off the goofy 3D glasses I was forced to wear.  I wanted to complain, but I think I’m getting to old to waste my anger on a pimply 17 year old.  To make matters worse, a disclaimer in TRON script typed its way onto the screen informing the audience that the movie wasn’t originally made in 3D.  Thanks Disney.  You’ve found yet another way to swindle cash from my wallet.

There were very few things that sucked with this movie.  Perhaps the biggest problem I had was with Dillinger’s kid Edward (played by Cillian “28 Days Later” Murphy).  If they were going to use him as part of the main story, I’d be all for that.  But no.  It was just a lame way for Disney to say “Remember that guy from the first film?  Well this is his kid”.  Lame to the extreme.  There was so much potential for good story with a character like that.  Oh well.

Computer effects were to be expected in a movie based in a computer world.  But bad ones weren’t.  Everyone has been going gaga over how Jeff Bridges got to turn back the aging clock.  I was one of those people until the first close-up of CLU (Bridges’ other character).  He looked too computery, though my buddy Gabe thinks that was intentional.  I have my doubts but still trust his judgment.  How could you not trust a guy you’ve known since kindergarten?

As for things that I loved about the film, I could rant for days.  Homages to the first film were everywhere, though I’m sure most of the people in the theater had no idea what my friends and I were laughing at.  I like it that way.  The best one was when Sam Flynn was breaking into EMCOM at the same door his dad did originally.  A certain comment was made about the dimensions of the entrance that opened for him.  I’m not going to quote him, but let’s just say that Kevin Flynn noticed the obvious humor first.

Daft Punk was in charge of the music this time around.  They did a fantastic job.  If you pay attention you can see them in the film, doing what they do.  Hit play on the video below.  Your ears will thank you for it.

Even though my brain keeps telling me to keep saying more about this movie, my heart knows it’s the wrong thing to do (mostly because it’s 4:38 in the morning).  As soon as the 5 o’clock whistle blows at work later today, hop on your light cycle and go see TRON: LEGACY.  You’ll be glad you did.  Until then, here’s a couple images that should tide you over:



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