Heavy Metal Monday: Lionheart

It’s amazing the crap you find on YouTube when you’ve been drinking and want some cheezy music to listen to.  Some would go right to Grim Reaper or RAVEN with the hopes of a few chuckles.  But have you ever looked at the list of bands they suggest you check out?  Well I have.  Let me tell you, things aren’t always what they seem.  Some are so rare and stupid that you simply MUST watch.  Today’s band was found in just such a way.

While toasting to another welcomed weekend, my roommate and I stumbled across a British hard rock band from the early 80’s named Lionheart.  We were laughing so hard that I fell off my chair, and he collapsed out my door.  Check the video out for yourself.  It’s worth the experience.

Lionheart: Die For Love

How funny is that shit, huh?  My favorite part is when the singer is kicking one of the guard’s asses to the beat of the drums.  Watch it again if you missed it.  It’s rather quick.  The guard gets a punch to face followed by the singer’s “O-OH!”.  A sick one/two combo is landed on the next guard in the singer’s path.

The brilliant performance from Kurt “That Guy From Wayne’s World” Fuller as the retarded/mad scientist is one for the record books.  I’m still trying to figure out if he’s trying to woo the lady, or simply torture her.

After watching this video like a dozen times, my roommate and I are still puzzled about something.  Who exactly is the one “dying for love”?  Is it the girl who seems to actually be dying?  Or is it the singer who appears to be risking his life for the one he loves?  Who in the hell knows.  All I know is, these guys are where they belong…..buried deep in the Hard Rock History Books, collecting dust.


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