Heavy Metal Monday: Korpiklaani

It’s my birthday. And also Finland’s.  Celebrate with the Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani! Because DRINKING IS GOOD FOR YOU!

When it is absolutely imperative that you have a good time, turn on Korpiklaani. Most of their songs in English are about the wilderness or drinking so you really can’t go wrong there, and the ones in Finnish you probably can’t understand so who cares!  It’s still awesome! While other concerts may be louder, more brutal, and give you Slayer-Neck in the morning, this band’s concerts are absolutely the most fun. There is no competition. Have you ever seen a pit that wasn’t hitting each other in the face but doing some sort of American take on folk dancing arm-in-arm? Have you ever left a show with your hands hurting because you clapped along to the music more than anything else? Then you haven’t seen Korpiklaani (in Massachusetts, anyways. New Yorkers, I’m sorry, you just don’t know how to rock it). I can’t say enough about this band, and it’s usually for the best that I shut the fuck up at this point before I merge onto fan-girliness.

Korpiklaani is headed by the amiable Jonne Järvela on vocals and rhythm guitar. Lead guitar is played by the always-friendly Cane, soft-spoken Jarkko takes care of the bass, and the multi-talented Hittavainen plays violin in concert, but also plays pipes and jouhikko. You should watch for Juho, the accordion player and youngest of the band, because I hear he can really shred as well! Last, but certainly not least, is one of my personal favorite drummers, Matson.

If they tour near you, GO SEE THEM. And also buy them a beer.

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