Heavy Metal Monday: Black N’ Blue

It’s a well known fact that growing up sucks balls.  Most people just suck it up and deal with it.  But there are a few people out there who have that spark inside them; that driving force that says “we’re going places, brother…..BIG places”.  It’s these people that usually make something out of their lives (yet still find themselves staying in mom and dad’s basement well into their 30’s).

What’s their secret?  Where do they find the motivation to continue following their crazy pipe dreams?  I think the boys from 80’s glam band Black N’ Blue have found the answer.

Black N’ Blue: Hold On To 18

Look, everyone pulls what meaning they want from a song, even if it isn’t anywhere close to what the band says it’s about.  For me, Hold On To 18 is a reminder to all that we shouldn’t forget our inner 18 year old.  So back off.

Staying mentally young is the key to living a great life.  After all, if I didn’t have the video games, cartoons, and bad movies I loved when I was a kid, I’d be quite the bitter old fuck.  Luckily that’s not the case.

Unleash that little bastard you’ve been keeping locked up all these years.  He/she’s just begging to laugh at your significant other when they secretly let one rip in the grocery store check out line.  The inner teen feeds on toilet humor and fun times, not water cooler anecdotes and P.T.A. meetings.

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