Pour On Out For: Dino De Laurentiis 8/8/1919 – 11/10/2010

Staying awake for 31 hours has a funny effect on my mind.  I become even more silly than normal, drift off into thoughts of nothingness, and don’t notice extremely important events that have unfolded around me.  One such event didn’t register until 11:30 last night.  I was scanning the interwebs for stuff that looked funny (or would simply snag my attention) when I stumbled across some terrible news.  Legendary Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis died on Wednesday.

Sure, the guy was in his early 90’s.  But, damn it.  Most of the movies I watch had his stamp on them.  He had like 500 films under his belt.  However, these are the ones I find most enjoyable:

BARBARELLA:  Queen of the Galaxy

King Kong (1976)


Blue Velvet

HALLOWEEN II (he also worked on HALLOWEEN III: Season of the Witch.  No one on Earth cares about that one)

Flash Gordon

Conan The Barbarian

Conan The Destroyer

Red Sonja

The Dead Zone


Cat’s Eye


Silver Bullet

Maximum Overdrive

Sometimes They Come Back (I guess he had a thing for Seven King)

Evil Dead 2

Army of Darkness

I was planning on seeing New England’s best Guns N Roses tribute (Cocaine Tongue) in Malboro, MA tonight.  Not any more.  Watching all the De Laurentiis films I have seems more appropriate.  My first beer will be sacrificed in his honor.


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