A Lovely PSA From Our Friend “V”

Today is a very special day.  On this very date back in 1605, a group of provincial English Catholics led by Sir Robert Catesby made an assassination attempt against King James I of England.  The plan was to blow up the mighty House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on November the 5th.  Sadly, Catesby and his fellow plotters were thwarted by an anonymous letter sent to William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, on October 26th of that same year.  The pricks gave the building a once-over on the tail end of November 4th and found GuyFawkes chillin’ with a shit load of gunpowder barrels.

We at RBM felt it necessary to contact our resident Guy Fawkes enthusiast.  His passion for the idea behind the great Gunpowder Treason borders on maniacal, and some might refer to him as a bit of an extremist.  Most of us at the office don’t even know his real name, so we just call him “V”.

I can’t ever party with our boy “V” on his most favorite of days.  The last time I did, I woke up wearing a pink dress and my eyebrows were gone.


2 Responses to A Lovely PSA From Our Friend “V”

  1. frontroe says:

    This guy. I can’t even. I feel so sad for Guy Fawkes, working so hard to take down a government that he hates to replace it with an even more radical theological regime, only to have his memory completely besmirched by a comic book. It’s sort of like when our president gets called a racist: it’s offensive to actual racists. To call this guy a revolutionary(or anything along those lines) is the same deal. He was a terrorist. This English holiday feels like our Colombus Day, something we should really not be celebrating.

    Having said that, I really enjoy the movie. It’s unfortunate that people associate V with Guy Fawkes.

    Lastly, this is all being said by a liberal archaeologist that isn’t ever for killing people (UNLESS THEY ARE INVADING YOUR CHIEFDOM), or encouraging holidays that I know nothing about. So take it as you will.

    P.S. I don’t celebrate Christmas or President’s Day either.

  2. defender669 says:

    dip (as in “whoa” not “you’re a dip”)

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