Heavy Metal Monday: THOR

Long flowing blond hair, muscles on top of muscles, and a drive to be epic every minute of the day.  No, I’m not talking about myself.  The guy in question is none other than former bodybuilding champion Jon Mikl THOR.  Why this guy isn’t as famous as ManOwaR, I couldn’t tell you.  He’s done it all:  bodybuilding, sings in a superbly cheesy metal band, acts, writes, AND directs.  This man doesn’t fuck around.

Today, I’ve picked a song that’s not only catchy, it can be heard in THOR‘s film Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare.

THOR: We Live To Rock

Trust me when I say that Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare is one of those rare gems.  I’ve watched it like 5 times and still have no idea what the hell it’s suppose to be about.  Either way, it’s good to throw in the PS3 for a laugh when you’re drunk off your ass.  Here are some of his other films that are sure to deliver the same reaction:

Zombie Nightmare was SO bad that the guys on The Satellite Of Love went to town on it:

THOR was even invited on the Merv Griffin Show back in ’76

I’d love to talk more about this proud Vancouverinian, but I’ll pee myself with laughter.  This dude makes Joey Demaio look tame when it comes to being serious about his “art”.  I honestly think THOR believes he’s the living embodiment of the thunder god, and this proves it:

We at RBM hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween/Samhain.  It only comes around once a year, so you better have been at the very top of your costuming game.  I know I was:


One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: THOR

  1. unholy moly says:

    you are susceptible to subliminal messages

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