Heavy Metal Monday: Blackguard

Rock and Shock festival at the Palladium was a couple weekends ago, and shame on you if you missed it! Nevermore and Gwar were of course right on track. I’m still recovering from the bruises, and my hair is still fucking pink from the blood. I could easily write a review of this show, or Gwar, or Nevermore, but this isn’t about them. The best surprise of the night was a band called Blackguard.

Hailing from Canada, this folk metal band was very unexpected at such a festival. However they were expected by some, as their fans packed the front row and proceeded to rock the fuck out! Just hearing their singer Paul Ablaze run through mic tests you could see the talent. From the moment they started playing Justine Ethier was hitting the kit like it owed her money, and looked like she was having a lot of fun doing it. Kim Gosselin, Terry Roadcase and Etienne Mailloux play together like a well-oiled machine. Having never heard of them before, my mind was totally blown. These people don’t just play their music, they put on a show! They definitely don’t shy away from a crowd, and seem only too happy to get right up next to their fans and play their music.

And they are a very friendly crew, so go chat with them next time you see them around! They are touring with Nevermore, Epica, and Deicide so there’s plenty of chances to catch their show in the next several months.


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