New “Tron Legacy” Poster

Let’s see how many different funny things I can come up with about this poster:

Things Sam Flynn is thinking “Remember, little identity disk, I want a large peperoni pizza with a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper.  Don’t forget the Jameson, either.”  “Alright, Sammy.  Time to shine!”  “Keep an eye out for Recognizers, babe.  Babe?”

Recognizer pilot:  “Um, Red Leader to HQ:  We’ve got 2 suspicious programs standing motionless outside the Game Grid.  How should we proceed? ”

Who would’ve thunk the computer world was so damn foggy?  There wasn’t that much fog in the MOVIE THE FOG!

The monorail at Disney had better get a make-over to look like that Solar Sailer or there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Are they in mid derez, or have programs learned the art of BAMFing?

That’s all I gut.  What can you come up with?


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